Shepherd Security and Consultancy Intl
Service Quality
We offer the most reliable, up-to-date, professional and yet affordable private security services in Cameroon and beyond.
Technological Innovation
Shepherd Security is always a step further to get more effective methods of ensuring your safety with the use of modern technology.
Wide Coverage
We provide a wide spectrum o security services ranging from manned security services to digital security ALL OVER CAMEROON

About Us

The Best Solutions for your Security Safety Protection

Shepherd Security and Consultancy International is a Private Security Service provider based in Cameroon and has been providing security services since 2002 to diverse types of clients all of over Cameroon. Our clients include

  • Domestic Residences
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Construction Sites
  • Industries
  • Events
  • Hotels/Restaurants/Bars
  • and many others

Our Keys to Success

Why we are The Best No. 1 Unique

Shepherd Security operates on 3 major pillars

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
Our services are very professional and centered around the needs of the client. Monthly surveys and a 24/7 hotline are put in place to ensure that needs are taken care of.
Performance Optimization
Performance Optimization
We carry out continuous training of our agents on various aspects of security and keep them up-to-date with security trends. We have various technologies to monitor KPI's of staff.
Research and Innovation
Research and Innovation
As security patterns change with time, we also carry out enough research to make sure we are ahead of potential attackers.
Why Choose Us

Find Out More Our Features Services Unique

Shepherd Security and Consultancy International offers one of the most diverse types of services to clients.

Client-centered management
We put the client's needs before every other thing and adapt our services according to their needs.
Nation-wide coverage
We operate all over Cameroon so you don't need to deal with different providers in different locations.
Despite the quality of service offered, our prices are still very affordable - the cheapest around
We have been in service for more than 20 years with an a current staffing experience of more than 100years in security management.